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Possible journals and conferences to target

Yoko Akama's critique

Yoko Akama had an interesting critique of a paper by Tomlinson et al., suggesting to me that we need a new paper that covers:

"the complexity and negotiation around ownership, conflict resolution, establishing trust, building openness, decision-making processes."

Rheingold Interview

On August 19th 2011 I, Charlie, had an interview with the Howard Rheingold about Paragogy.

AAR: Review what was supposed to happen.

Answer Mr. Rheingold's questions sincerely and succinctly, hopefully getting more people interested in paragogy.

AAR: Establish what happened.

Answered his questions sincerely, but I could've been more succinct for sure.

AAR: Determine what was right or wrong with what happened.


I was on-time, wearing a tie and ready to rock. I started off a little nervous, but after that really settled in and answered his questions well, I believe.


Short interview, but still probably could've mentioned more about the principles and whatnot.

AAR: Determine how the task should be done differently the next time.

In-between now and the next interview do lots of work here and elucidate better what is Paragogy, then in less words explain theory in language understood by anyone.

reusing the "Motivating discussion" chapter?

We might make this paper into the first chapter of the book, basically a survey paper that sketches previous examples and needs for further work.


Maybe we can distil the various critiques we've gotten down to some serious challenges to consider (and maybe to write about).

For the moment, we need to do some more stuff so we have things to write about - so see the IssueTracker.